Welcome to the BioGenerator

BioGenerator is a privately funded, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created to facilitate the formation of successful, sustainable bioscience companies in the St. Louis region. BioGenerator is an affiliate of BioSTL. BioGenerator's mission is to support economic development and job growth in the St. Louis region. To accomplish this, BioGenerator identifies promising technologies and services, and works with the researcher or entrepreneur to build a successful and sustainable company. BioGenerator provides assistance, possibly with pre-seed or seed funding and access to lab space with specialized equipment, at the early stages of new company formation, with continued support to milestones of follow-on funding or sustainable revenue.

BioGenerator Services

BioGenerator provides crucial financial support for new company formation. These funds often allow early stage technology companies to hire their first employees, establish laboratories, and begin driving toward milestones critical in the development of a product or service. Venture capital investors often do not invest until 2-3 years later in the business development process, making BioGenerator funds critical to technology development and commercialization in the region.

BioGenerator invests up to $50,000 for pre-seed companies and up to $250,000 for seed stage companies. Where technologies will require funding beyond the level of BioGenerator's investment to reach commercialization, BioGenerator works closely with venture capital and angel investors to solicit feedback for initial co-investment and follow-on funding. BioGenerator is often the lead investor in pre-seed and seed deals syndicated with local angel investors, economic development groups and early stage venture capital funds.

BioGenerator offers commercialization guidance and advice to university faculty or entrepreneurs about the commercialization process, and working with the entrepreneur/inventor, helps to formulate a development plan by providing support in the form of advice and counsel, access to sources of funding, and connection to professional services including lawyers and accountants. In some instances, BioGenerator will also provide management support during initial company formation, as well as assistance in attracting side-by-side funding. BioGenerator continues to work closely with portfolio companies during the transition to follow-on funding.

Where companies have well-developed business plans and appropriate leadership in place prior to engaging with BioGenerator, our team will often provide assistance by leading due diligence, deal syndication, and investment of seed funding up to $250,000.

Community Relationships

BioGenerator works directly with area academic researchers and research institutions such as Washington University, Saint Louis University, and the University of Missouri system, as well independent entrepreneurs and other area research centers including the Danforth Plant Science Center and Missouri Botanical Gardens. BioGenerator has close partnerships with many regional groups such as the Missouri Technology Corporation, GatewayVMS, St. Louis Regional Chamber, Nidus Partners, the Center for Emerging Technologies, the Cortex Innovation District, the Helix Center, and BRDG Park. BioGenerator has syndicated investments with the St. Louis Arch Angels, Helix Fund, the Skandalaris Student Venture Fund, and many other private investors in the region.