BioGenerator Accelerator Labs

The BioGenerator provides lab facilities, capital equipment, and office space to promising but very early stage (pre-incubator) companies, at no cost, through its BioGenerator Accelerator Labs (BAL).  The BAL space does not compete with local incubators, but rather serves as a “feeder” of graduates to local incubators. Access to the facilities is awarded to companies with highly promising technology where the cost savings can help drive a company to its next funding milestones. Capital equipment and space is shared by multiple companies, while still preserving the confidentiality needed to enable companies to protect intellectual property related to their innovations.  In the earliest phases of commercialization, the pre-quipped BAL allows researchers and entrepreneurs to establish lab operations and to initiate proof of concept studies without having to raise additional capital to purchase most equipment and rent lab/office space.

The Accelerator Labs were constructed in 2010 through BioGenerator operating funds and donations from the James S. McDonnell Foundation, Cortex, and the Life Sciences Research Trust Fund