BioGenerator Accelerator Labs

The BioGenerator Accelerator Labs is an innovation center consisting of shared and private wet laboratory and office spaces along with significant laboratory equipment for medicinal chemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. The Accelerator Labs were constructed in 2010 through BioGenerator operating funds and donations from the James S. McDonnell Foundation, CORTEX and the Life Sciences Research Trust Fund. In the first phases of technology commercialization, the pre-equipped Accelerator Labs allow researchers and entrepreneurs to establish laboratory operations and to initiate proof of concept studies without having to raise the capital required to purchase most equipment and rent laboratory space. Removing the obstacle of securing functional laboratory space, Accelerator Labs' companies are able to move much more quickly and with dramatically more efficient use of capital compared to traditional incubator settings. Private spaces within the facility allow companies to establish operations and protect their inventions. Our vision is that BioGenerator Accelerator companies will mature to occupy more traditional incubator spaces in St. Louis, which include the Center for Emerging Technologies, ITE Incubator, BRDG Park and the Helix Center.